Day 1 – A Fresh Beginning

I have to admit that I’ve been preparing for this day for quite a while. I have a novel idea (ha, ha, pun intended) and I’ve been working it in my mind for many months. I’ve been making lots of notes. I started with a stack of used paper over one foot high. Every time I have an idea, I grab some sheets and a pen and start writing. Sometimes furiously. Often at 3:00am. No sitting on the computer. No waiting for proper sentence structure to come into my head. Just jots, bits, drawings, diagrams, words and lots of full sentences go onto the paper. When I’m finished with the idea, I staple those pages together (all numbered as I write – I learned the hard way) and throw them onto a pile on my desk just for that story. Other stories get their own pile.
With all these ideas, I now am enthusiastic to write a proper novel. So, here I go.

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