The Indefinite Must Become Defined.

The challenging part about writing a novel (well, ok, it all can be challenging) is that I’ve been swimming through my days enjoying my ruminations and daydreams about this story and the few characters that have come to my mind so far, telling myself, “I could make them like this, or like that. I could have them say this or that. Maybe I’ll challenge them with this or with that.” And it’s all been fun and rather changeable – trying things on for size, so to speak. I suspect it’s all part of the development process deciding what works best, what doesn’t take the story where I want, what won’t work and even what I should leave for a future story.  It’s been satisfying. So far, I haven’t had to really throw out many ideas, but now, I’m being challenged to get very specific and begin to make some tough choices, choices that will not only define this story, but may define the types of stories I write in the future. It might even begin to define how I (assuming I have any degree of success) might be perceived as a writer for my entire writing career.  Heady stuff. The ‘logline’ I’m being told is not a one sentence description of the story, but a one sentence distillation of the story – a refined essence, I suppose you could say. Perhaps it could be considered a synopsis of the soul of the story. Ah, I like that, along of course with the requisite who, what and why not of the story. So, my first logline is written and waiting to be revealed at an appropriate time. I don’t want to give away any secrets too soon. Tomorrow I will have to decide on the target audience and whether I am going to write in a specific genre. Decisions, decisions.

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