Gathering My Legs Beneath Me

These many days have been a struggle; not with writing the novel, but with dealing with an onslaught of material world matters that have sucked up my time and left me impatient to get on with my writing. With that said, I’ve made some good steps these past many days. On paper, they may not look like much, but in terms of gathering all my legs beneath me and getting ready for the race to begin they mean a great deal. I have settled on a genre! I vacillated for a while, but now it’s settled: Spiritual Fantasy. And I’ve comfortably settled on a target audience! At first I had decided upon: Women between the ages of 30 and 75 (and older if my mother likes the story) who care deeply about others and who care about their own internal journey – and men who feel the same. However, I have adjusted it to expand it to women who like a touching and heartfelt story of struggle with difficult and dangerous obstacles to overcome. Since this is my first novel, many of these steps are new to me. I have completed a “first draft outline” of the entire novel (I haven’t reread it since I frantically typed it out last weekend) and I now have an entire cast of characters in my mind that are becoming more and more real to me. Today I made a list of the characters in each scene that need to have “tense and magnetic” relationships with each other. This will help me keep them forefront in my mind and it has built a whole new way for me to understand and relate to the characters in the story. This, I am hoping, will bring that extra “juice” that I am looking for and hope to incorporate throughout the entire story. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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