Delicious Dreaming

I feel as if I have been indulging myself in a most delicious way. When in my life have I ever been able to just spend hours and hours and days and days just dreaming and dreaming in order to make up a story? How delightful! The fact is, however, I haven’t been just dreaming, but planning, investigating and writing. Ah, yes, writing. I have now completed 18,000 words and nearly 7 chapters.
I suppose I could reveal a few bits of the story. Owen is the main character in this one. Yes, it does look as if it will be a series with different people as protagonists in each story and one old (or should I say elderly) woman, a very wise woman, as the main character thread throughout the series.
Owen is a directionless, 19 year old living in London, originally from Wales, with some specific desires and needs of his own. He finds himself in the right place at the right time (or so some people might say) and he finds his life takes a completely, and I mean completely, different turn. Goodbye London.
There is a cast of characters that pushes and prods him through the story and that is where I will have to stop for now. Stay tuned.

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