Turmoil in Writing

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, not because I haven’t been writing, but because I have; writing and learning. As my mother said, when you learn something about how to write, you write. Then you go back, reread (or review) what you’d learned and you’ll find that you have to rewrite and revise […]

Delicious Dreaming

I feel as if I have been indulging myself in a most delicious way. When in my life have I ever been able to just spend hours and hours and days and days just dreaming and dreaming in order to make up a story? How delightful! The fact is, however, I haven’t been just dreaming, […]

A Writing Flurry

Three weeks is much longer than I wanted to leave between postings. I hope to not let that happen again. During this time, I’ve been in a flurry of writing. I’ve discovered how much thinking and planning has to happen before words go onto the page of a novel. I suppose that some people just […]

Gathering My Legs Beneath Me

These many days have been a struggle; not with writing the novel, but with dealing with an onslaught of material world matters that have sucked up my time and left me impatient to get on with my writing. With that said, I’ve made some good steps these past many days. On paper, they may not […]

The Indefinite Must Become Defined.

The challenging part about writing a novel (well, ok, it all can be challenging) is that I’ve been swimming through my days enjoying my ruminations and daydreams about this story and the few characters that have come to my mind so far, telling myself, “I could make them like this, or like that. I could […]

Day 1 – A Fresh Beginning

I have to admit that I’ve been preparing for this day for quite a while. I have a novel idea (ha, ha, pun intended) and I’ve been working it in my mind for many months. I’ve been making lots of notes. I started with a stack of used paper over one foot high. Every time […]

A Day Along the Way to a Novel

Today, I’ve decided that if I’m going to finally earn the right to be called “a writer,” I must get much more serious about becoming a writer. It’s not that I can’t write. I’ve written all kinds of things all my life; papers, dissertations, government grants, business plans, corporate communications and brochures, marketing material, massive […]